OCCT 4.1.0 Available !

This version introduces a brand new GPU:3D Test, completely rewritten in DirectX10.

Linpack has also been updated and now includes an AVX-capable version. If your CPU supports AVX, the AVX version will be better. If not, untick the box for better performance.

Changelog : OCCT

  • Revamped the test scheduler - allows more flexible auto tests
  • Added an very small and lightweight update checker that will warn you once when a new version has been released.
  • Revamped the UI slightly : tabs are now on top of the tests, system info remade
  • Main window cannot be out of bounds when loaded - sorry
  • The ON button doesn't blink anymore - the status label will.
  • The FPS graph will continuously refresh
  • New icon (that's the feature everyone was waiting for, i know)
  • Now has 2 versions : AVX-capable and the older one (from 3.1.0). Use the AVX version on AVX-capable CPUs, and the other one if not, for better results.
  • Brand new test supporting DirectX10 ! Much more efficient, better at error checking... requires Windows Vista or Seven (out of the box - DX updated issues are gone with it).
  • Updated
  • Now carried over from version to version

Enjoy !