OCCT PT 4.3.2 Available !

Changelog : OCCT 4.3.2

  • Windows 8 Support (Reminder)
  • Several bugfixes to the main UI (Translation issues mostly)
  • Added warning about OCCT not being free in a commercial environment

  • Added a Memtest mode (will plow through GPU memory). Limited to 2GB for now (will be improved later)
  • Added Graphic card detection and selection for testing
  • Added supported resolution detection (you can still specify your own resolution)
  • Fixed a crash when the frame limiter was set to 0
  • Fixed a memory leak in GPU:3D


  • Engine updated
  • Real-time frequency monitoring for CPU, GPU,...
  • Improved GPU support
  • Merged the CPU Frequency and Memory Used graphs


  • Almost all translations have been updated (Russian and Japanese ones lack updating - will come soon)
Enjoy !

The update of OCCT Pro and Live will follow shortly, as usual.