Recent delays in contact emails - Sorry !

As announced on Twitter, i am now the proud father of twins since June, which take up most of my free time, the rest being almost entirely taken by my work which has been really busy lately. I knew it was hard being a father, but i never expected that taking care of twins would be as time consuming (and such a happy time as well ! ).

As of now, i am about 2 months behind in answering my contact emails. I'm putting the customer support email a top priority (expect an answer in less than a day), as well as in sending purchases of OCCT Pro (Usually sent the day after the payment has been confirmed by paypal).

I really want to apologize to all of you who are waiting for an answer on my side - i'm really doing my best.

I'm planning of taking a entire day off work to answer all those emails and answer topics on the forums too. It will also be devoted to working on OCCT's next version, which will probably be a minor update, before the big changes i have in mind for the next major version. It is really hard for me to announce a day yet, but stay tuned !