OCCT Pro is the professional version of OCCT. Its use is allowed in commercial environment and companies, not only for personal use.

This version comes with all the features included in OCCT, and adds the following :

  • Custom test : a test composed of your own application ! Just fill in three batch files : one for starting your test, one for stopping it, one for reporting its status, and OCCT will take care of the rest ! With that, you can use your own scenarios to test your computer, with monitoring as if it was a regular OCCT Test !
  • Monitoring-only test : A time period where OCCT won't do anything but recording, as if it was during a built-in test. You'll see how the temperatures, voltages, fans, CPU and memory behaved during this time priod ! Very useful to see the computer's behaviour in real end-user usage, and for monitoring various apps.
  • Allows CSV Output of all sensors alongside graphs - you can now build your own graphs !
  • Customize the graph output folder : you will no longer need to clean up your customer's "My Documents" folder. You can tell OCCT to put the graph in its own folder, or anywhere else !

OCCT Pro is available for purchase online. Its price scales with the number of employees in your company, so that it can be affordable for every company out there.

Custom Test Description

We have a dedicated article showing how the Custom test works in our FAQ !

You can also watch it in action using a very simple test using notepad :


OCCT, OCCT Pro and OCCT Live comparison

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OCCT Pro Pricing and Purchase

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