New Website !

Finally, the old website has been replaced by this new one, to better reflect all the work that has been done around OCCT along these three years, and the release of OCCT Pro and Live !

We decided to put it online without the discussion boards being ready. It should be available soon ! Stay tuned :)

OCCT 4.1.0 Available !

This version introduces a brand new GPU:3D Test, completely rewritten in DirectX10.

Linpack has also been updated and now includes an AVX-capable version. If your CPU supports AVX, the AVX version will be better. If not, untick the box for better performance.

Changelog : OCCT

  • Revamped the test scheduler - allows more flexible auto tests
  • Added an very small and lightweight update checker that will warn you once when a new version has been released.
  • Revamped the UI slightly : tabs are now on top of the tests, system info remade
  • Main window cannot be out of bounds when loaded - sorry
  • The ON button doesn't blink anymore - the status label will.
  • The FPS graph will continuously refresh
  • New icon (that's the feature everyone was waiting for, i know)
  • Now has 2 versions : AVX-capable and the older one (from 3.1.0). Use the AVX version on AVX-capable CPUs, and the other one if not, for better results.
  • Brand new test supporting DirectX10 ! Much more efficient, better at error checking... requires Windows Vista or Seven (out of the box - DX updated issues are gone with it).
  • Updated
  • Now carried over from version to version

Enjoy !