About OCCT

The idea around OCCT came in 2003. I was a international student, living in the US at that time. That left me with lots of free time during the weekends, when i was not partying with friends that is. I was participating in a famous french overclocking forum, when the discussion came around building a new test app, as only a few were available (and namely, Prime95).

The raw idea was to build an app that would validate the overclocking's stability for this website's main database. As the project went on, i took my independance from this idea, and built the stability testing tool you now know.

The name "OCCT" comes from "Overclock Checking Tool", and the russian/communist themes comes from the name being close to CCCP. The "Perestroïka" name came from OCCT 2.0 : this version was finally multilingual, and a colleague started joking around, saying this was like the perestroïka of gorbatchev, or the opening of OCCT to the world. I loved the idea.

About Us

We are located in the north of France, in Douai, a beautiful town, and we're still developing OCCT after 9 years of the project being alive. OCCT is the oldest still active stability checking tool out there, and has seen many competitors come and go... and we're not planning on stopping !