Say NO to crashes !

Life is hard enough without sudden reboots.

Let OCCT check your computer !

OCCT is the most popular all-in-one stability check & stress test tool available.

It generates heavy loads on your components while checking for errors, and will detect stability issues faster than anything else.

OCCT embeds HwInfo's monitoring engine to get precise readings and diagnose issues faster.

What's new ?


Can test several GPUs at once, even of different brands or without display


You can now set the refresh interval and the graph update interval


Introduced OCCT Command-line to the Enterprise-level license


OCCT now includes an auto-updater. This means updates after 8.1 can be done automatically if configured in OCCT's settings

Want more info ? Check the version changelog !

Download OCCT Personal

OCCT Personal is for private, non-professional and non-commercial uses only.

Commercial and professional uses requires a Pro or Enterprise license.

Trusted by many !

How can OCCT help me ?

Don't let your work go to waste !

Ensure your computer is stable before working on your beloved projects - don't let a reboot or memory corruption put your hard work to waste

Is this a game bug or my computer ?

Find out by stress-testing your components. If anything's wrong, OCCT will pick it up and tell you ! By having a wide-range of test integrated, you'll be able to pinpoint which one is faulty.

Stop wasting time with after-sale services

Find out which component is faulty and gain time by giving after-sale services proof your hardware is faulty. I don't promise you it'll go smooth, but at least, you'll have backup !

Modern monitoring dashboard

Create easy-to-read, attractive monitoring dashboards showing how your component is behaving in real-time

Check your cooling

OCCT test will make your components go all out. If anything is wrong with your cooling, you'll quickly know !

The ultimate CPU test

OCCT's CPU test gives you full control on which core is tested - Cycle through cores, know which one generated an error, invert them... Lots of fun there !

Squeeze every MHz of your components

OCCT will help you pinpoint ideal values for your overclocked components and ensures rock-stable day-to-day usage !

Stability testing since 2003

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