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Unlock the ultimate in quality control with our cloud-powered solution: OCCT ENTERPRISE+

■ Streamline Workflows: Manage all your quality control activities from a single, cloud-powered platform. ■ Custom Certificates: Create and publicize tailored certificates with ease. ■ Remote Diagnostics: Initiate and manage diagnostics remotely, ensuring quick and effective troubleshooting. ■ Comprehensive Tracking: Keep a meticulous record of every test performed, all within one centralized hub.

Demonstrate your commitment to stability and performances, and set a new standard.

Here comes a new challenger !

OCCT v13 released!

OCCT v13 is out and we are true to our reputation : we innovate and define stability.

Brace yourself for the new Combined test, allowing you to run any test at the same time, resulting in thousands of variations for finding if your settings are perfectly stable.

Enjoy the groundbreaking Latency & Bandwidth benchmark. Best part ? It's free !

The best system stability testing software


Devoted overclocker, competitor requiring unwavering stability, simulation fan, or virtual reality enthusiast, OCCT is designed to cater to your needs.


Stability isn't optional. Ideal for PC builders, RMA technicians, and high-performance computing : OCCT has you covered for your infrastructure, employees and customers.


Computers play a pivotal role in production chains where interruption is not allowed. Elevate your industrial operations with OCCT's performance and stability solutions.


Various needs, multiple versions

The good ol' reliable

20 years of stability

OCCT has epitomized excellence for over two decades. With an unparalleled reputation and over 50 million downloads, it stands out as the preferred tool for professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Developed with a constant focus on quality and innovation, OCCT offers unmatched prowess for testing your system's stability. Join our thriving community and discover why OCCT remains the number one choice for ensuring the performance and robustness of your computer equipment.

An insider view

What's in the box

OCCT will analyze every major components of your systems with complete portability. Its modern and ergonomic interface provides a smooth and efficient user experience. In close collaboration with manufacturers, OCCT remains at the forefront of the latest hardware innovations with frequent updates. Versatile, OCCT will be the perfect solution for gamers, professionals, and industries seeking to bring reliability and optimal performance to their systems.

Power supplies hate this

Stability test

OCCT allows you to thoroughly test all components of your system, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of its stability. You have total control over the test parameters, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs.

Speed and precision are at the core of our approach. OCCT quickly and accurately detects even the slightest errors and instabilities, providing you with a clear view of your system's health.

Through close collaboration with hardware manufacturers, OCCT anticipates technological innovation ensuring fast support for emerging technologies.

Replicate gaming conditions

3D testing

OCCT’s 3D testing is unmatched. It dynamically adjusts its load through 3D adaptive testing, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your system’s capabilities under varying workloads.

With a wide range of 3D tests, OCCT recreates gaming conditions, extreme scenarios, and light usage, offering insights into performance across different usage patterns, picking up any artefact or errors during execution.

The parallel testing feature sets OCCT apart. Test multiple GPUs, even of different brands, simultaneously without the need to connect them to screens, streamlining the testing process and maximizing efficiency.

Your setup internals exposed


OCCT’s monitoring interface is clear and transparent, offering a straightforward view of critical system metrics. With seamless integration of the renowned Hwinfo engine, OCCT ensures accurate and detailed monitoring of your hardware components.

With real-time temperature monitoring and intelligent alerts, OCCT helps you maintain optimal performance while safeguarding against potential overheating issues. Dive deeper into diagnostics, identifying issues such as voltage drops or frequency throttling, ensuring your system operates at its peak efficiency.

Time to show off


Compare your CPU and Memory performance using our built-in benchmarks providing valuable insights into your system's capabilities.

OCCT introduces a ground breaking latency and bandwidth benchmark for CPU cache and memory,offering unparalleled precision and depth. Understand the intricacies of your system's memory performance with detailed analysis and actionable data.

Unlike others, accessing these powerful benchmarking features is completely free with OCCT.

Rock-solid proof of stability


Certificates serve as definitive evidence that your system has successfully passed a battery of rigorous pre-established tests.

Share your achievements with confidence : OCCT's certificates are shareable, allowing you to make them public and showcase your system's stability to the world.

OCCT is the authority for certifying the stability of the systems and components tested, providing assurance and peace of mind to users and stakeholders alike.

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Report Comparison

Gain speed and productivity by quickly identifying differences between two reports or custom certificates.

With an interface offering multiple levels of analysis, from quick summary statistics to detailed comparative reports, OCCT highlights even the slightest difference.

A CPU throttling down too much, a fan spinning too fast, memory timings badly configured, you’ll spot them all in a few seconds.

The AI boot camp

GPU Compute

AI training brings forth new challenges, particularly in terms of computing power. The latest dedicated GPUs are exceptionally powerful, yet lack 3D support, rendering the existing stress tests ineffective.

OCCT introduces a groundbreaking solution. By leveraging OpenCL workloads, OCCT can now push these high-performance cards to their limits, allowing for parallel testing. With this innovative approach, you can identify any potential issues before they compromise the integrity of your AI training workload.


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