August 31st, 2021 - Price increase

I delayed it as much as possible, and you will notice it, I had to increase my prices. There are several reasons behind that change.

First, it's pretty basic : I'm not earning enough to make a living out of OCCT. It's a simple, basic reason. I was prepared to deal with this when I started, investing personal funds, but I'm way behind my goal.

Also, since I started this pricing a year ago, OCCT had a lot of new features introduced : the CPU test is the most advanced one existing, the benchmark database and features, the 3D test being headless, the UI got revamped several times and CPU and memory usage have been divided by 4 and 3, respectively.

OCCT has been maintained for 18 years now, and I don't plan on stopping updates anytime soon. What I want to avoid is working on it part-time, and thus slow the major update frequency for OCCT.

Please support us and help us making OCCT a full time job !

Professional users

I see a staggering, increasing amount of Professional users using the personal edition of OCCT. This isn't allowed as per my licensing scheme, and I guess it's easier to use the free edition (or even buy the personal license) than to go through your company's purchase process and support us.

I'm not spying on anyone, but just a reverse DNS lookup on the IP adresses that downloaded OCCT Personal show a staggering amount of entries.

A quick math showed me that this price increase wouldn't have occured if 20% of those downloads had bought the OCCT Pro license. Ultimately, you are hurting a tool that you are finding useful in your work.

Please consider this when you are using the Personal edition of OCCT !


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Exchange rate : 1$ (USD) = 0

Please be aware that all sales are final.

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